CUE TV brings learning and culture for young people together on one digital channel. It offers
a ‘three-step development journey’ which includes:

  • Acquiring digital communication and journalist (writing) skills in school from industry professionals before their cultural visit;
  • Accessing arts and cultural events to review, interview and film for the channel, all fully supervised by CUE TV practioners who will ensure any consent permissions are also in place;
  • Working with the school and designated creative practitioners engaged by CUE Creative to develop quality in the young people’s editing, writing, presenting and digital broadcast skills in response to their cultural visit and showcasing their work online. Additional opportunities to create any kind of artistic work of their own (visual art, music, dance,theatre) in response to their visit to a cultural institution and showcasing their work online is also possible, depending upon the project length and budgets available.

The first pilot project was delivered with Manchester Communication Academy, a 9 week project offering 20 pupils aged 12 opportunities to learn digital media and journalist skills, visit a major visual art exhibition ‘Flashback’ by Anish Kapoor at Manchester Art Gallery, and present their documentary film and gallery of their own work online. CUE TV was granted special permissions from Manchester Art Gallery and Arts Council England to enable this special project to happen in the gallery where photographs and film are not usually permitted.

Louise Nelson, Head of Art at Manchester Communication Academy commented ‘the students did more writing in a mornings workshop than they ever usually would in an art lesson’ when they were learning ‘how to be a journalist’. Opportunities developed throughout the project delivered against the Academy’s aims to develop engagement, participation and learning pathways opportunities to lead their own projects in digital broadcast and give more young people access to the arts in Greater Manchester. CUE TV also delivered against the Academy’s aim of developing a national reputation for promoting and enabling high quality communication skills.

CUE TV can offer professional digital media and journalist skills training in schools, broker special access opportunities with arts and cultural organisations in Greater Manchester and support the origination of art work by young people.

We’d love to hear from you. Contact CUE to develop a CUE TV project with us for your school or arts organisation.

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